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Aircraft paint booths are one of Spray Tech / Junair’s premier product lines. We provide world class finishing solutions for all types of aerospace equipment. Our booths are used by both governmental agencies and private companies. The modernization of your aerospace paint booths will give you complete control over debris, dust, temperature, and humidity factors. Our aircraft paint booth solutions are ideal for small aircraft, executive jets, airliners, bombers and jet fighter planes. All of our products meet or exceed safety regulations and policies set by OSHA, NFPA, and the FAA.

Following are some of the outstanding features of our Aircraft Paint Booths:

Quality control: Our aircraft booths help you maintain consistent paint quality.

Energy Savings: Our aircraft booths use less energy and take less time, saving you money and valuable production time.

Environmental Benefits: There are certain (HAPs) Hazardous Air Pollutants involved in the aircraft painting process. Our aircraft booths reduce the content of HAPs to be released into the atmosphere.


Two Side-By-Side Paint Booths for Cirrus Aircraft

Cross draft paint booths are the most popular booths in the aerospace industry. They cover almost 75% of the total market share. They work by circulating air horizontally from one wall to the opposite wall. Downdraft aircraft booths are also efficient and mostly used for business planes or private smaller sized airplanes. The downdraft mechanism is based on air circulation from ceiling vents from above the aircraft towards the ground floor grates.



Premier Quality Aircraft Paint Booths

Spray Tech / Junair’s aerospace refinishing equipment comes with varying levels of sophistication. We provide advanced control panels which monitor the booth environment. Climate control systems are also available for special coating applications. With our energy efficient booths, painting times and curing costs are improved by almost 50%.

The Latest in Aircraft Paint Booth Technology

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