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Automotive Paint Booth and all kinds of auto refinishing equipment are Spray Tech / Junair‘s specialty. We lead the industry in manufacturing world class industrial finishing and powder coated systems, automotive body & paint shop equipment, aerospace finishing systems and large sized truck finishing equipment as well. Our automotive paint booths are innovative, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and provide perfect paint drying and curing solutions.

Automotive Paint Booths – Refinishing & Industrial Finishing Equipment Manufacturer!

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Junair 5 Series Spray Booth
Automotive Refinishing
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Table Top Spray Booth
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Junair 5 Series Spray Booth

Our experience of successful decades helps us innovate further into the advanced spray booth technology. Our experience as being the leading paint booth manufacturer makes us superior in generating the best finishing environments in the spray booth industry. Our strong relationships and ties with leading paint manufacturing companies and suppliers of the spray booth accessories industry make us stand out in our competitors.

All of our products are specially designed & manufactured to help your business run more effectively & efficiently. Our equipment is guaranteed to save your business time and money while providing highest quality finishing environment for your specific application. We are proud to let our customers know that all our products meet NFPA, EPA, and OSHA standards.

Premier Automotive Paint Booths For Premier Body Shops

Premier Automotive Paint Booth For Premier Body Shops

The Junair Series Automotive Paint Booth

The Junair Series Automotive Paint Booth

Automotive Smart Prep Stations

Automotive Paint Booth - Premier Quality Equipment

A Glimpse Of Our Remarkable 

Automotive Refinishing & Industrial Finishing Equipment Collection

Automotive Paint Booth - Premier Quality Equipment

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