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Powder coating equipment has gained great importance over the years due to its increasing demand in the painting industry. In conventional painting methods, a solvent was required to attach the liquid onto the object. Powder coating does not require a binding liquid for attachment. This method uses an electrostatic technology to apply electronically charged powdered paint particles onto the oppositely charged object being painted. The opposites charges attract and the powder is coated over the object in the form of a skin.

Our Powder Coating Equipment Ensure High Productivity Level

Industrial Process Ovens

Spray Tech / Junair’s powder coating equipment provides you with great curing results. Our smooth finishes will make your product shine like never before. Our powder coating ovens are equipped with a full air plenum which is able to manage a balanced air distribution system inside the chamber. This makes the whole process energy, cost and time efficient.  Some of the notable features of our powder coating ovens are listed below:

  • All Spray Tech / Junair ovens are built to comply with the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standard 86 and OSHA standards.
  • We produce low-emission, high-quality and energy efficient industrial process ovens which ensure increased productivity and lower overall costs.
  • Our Class A ovens offer a +/- 5-degree temperature saturation throughout the enclosure. This even distribution of temperature provides great curing results.
  • Our controllers have a programmable Ramp/Soak for composite curing.
  • We offer full air plenums for even distribution of the heated air.
  • We provide double wall panel construction of G-90 galvanized steel from outside and aluminized from inside.
  • We offer built-in batch timers and sounder system for maximum user convenience.
  • Our oven control panels have LED light indicators for reliable operational management.

Our powder coating equipment makes sure that the painting job is completed in time and with maximum efficiency. our ovens are ideal for powder and paint curing, composite curing and drying mold heating.


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