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Table top spray booth is our most popular small size industrial spray booth. Not just because it is portable and can be located anywhere, also because it is convenient to install and is easily operated. It can be plugged into any 110-volt wall outlet and does not need to be ducted from outside. We offer two different sizes in the table top spray booth; 84″ & the 42″. Both come in galvanized steel with a powder coating option and contain a carbon filter which removes excess paint fumes to make your paint job look clean and fascinating.

The following image shows an 84″ double wide table top spray booth with additional stand, fire suppression unit, table, powder coating and external filtration system.

Table Top Spray Booth

Spray Tech / Junair  offers a complete line of spray booths that conform to the requirements of NFPA standards. The light fixtures used inside our table top spray booth are ETL listed and are class 1 division 2 lights to conform with the provisions of NFPA. These booths are smaller versions of our open face booths. They are suitable for painting small items in the automotive industry, woodworking industry and anywhere handheld items are painted. To get more information about table top spray booths for your specific application, request a quick quote.

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