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You may find an industrial oven for sale in your area, but do your research before making a purchase. Baking is a sensitive process and affects the outlook of your final product and eventually customer satisfaction. An industrial oven is a heated chamber which can be used for numerous industrial applications. Some of its common applications are drying and baking different commercial and non-commercial components. Spray Tech / Junair is North America’s leading industrial finishing equipment manufacturer and is considered an authority in manufacturing industrial ovens. We offer three categories of heated enclosures; standard, conveyor, and electric. Moreover, we have the capacity to design and manufacture industrial finishing equipment of any size and technical configuration. Our advanced engineering facility meets all modern manufacturing standards and is able to design ovens for customized applications. Our control panel and smart control system utilize the latest in touch-screen technology for optimum output and information. Our ovens

Our industrial oven for sale contains the following amazing features:

  • Class A Ovens With +/- 5 Degree Temperature Saturation
  • Programmable Ramp/Soak For Composite Curing
  • Full Air Plenums For Uniform Distribution
  • Economic & Energy Efficient
  • Custom Design Available

Industrial Oven for sale with galvanized body structure including control panel

industrial oven for sale


Industrial Electric Oven

industrial oven for sale

What is so special about our industrial oven?

Our oven panels ensure maximum quality and are constructed out of G-90 galvanized steel. The following are a few of their competitive features which set them apart from any other brand in the world.

  • Double wall panel construction of G-90 galvanized steel from outside and aluminized from inside.
  • Temperature controller is PID with auto or manual temperature tuning
  • Insulated with 4” Rockwool (6″ optional)
  • Adjustable air delivery dampers
  • Stainless steel and ceramic heating elements for electric ovens
  • 64 Ramp/soak control actions standard. great for composites
  • Up to 500 degrees temperature
  • Control panel includes timer function


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