Air Makeup Unit | Converting 98% Fuel Into Heat

Air Makeup UnitSpray Tech / Junair manufactures highly efficient direct-fired gas furnaces under the brand name of Mercury. Mercury has four Models, the M1, M2, M3, and M4. Our furnaces are tremendously fuel efficient and convert 98% of the fuel into heat. Our 80% re-circulation system for the air makeup unit further increase its fuel efficiency. The Mercury air makeup systems use variable frequency drives (VFD’s) to balance the air pressure. The air makeup system being so energy efficient lowers your power consumption, therefore, lowering your overall costs.

Spray Tech / Junair’s Mercury Air Makeup Unit Collection (M1 – M4)

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Spray Tech / Junair’s Air Makeup Units

Converting 98% Fuel Into Heat With 80% Re-Circulation System for Fuel Efficiency

Air Makeup Unit Features:

  • The units can be installed in both Horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Suitable for interior and exterior installations
  • Single, two speed, and multi-speed fan controls
  • Used in manufacturing, aerospace, buildings, automotive, industrial
  • Complete engineering services available
  • UL listed for years of trouble-free service
  • Powder coating over G-90 galvanized steel


M1 Air Makeup Unit

Mercury Air Makeup Units | Ease of Installation

Our Mercury air makeup units provide unparallel ease of installation and service. The following features make the installation easier.

  • Extra large access doors and viewing windows on both sides
  • Circuit board mounted relays make servicing easy
  • Manifold mounted gas pressure gauge
  • Built-in electrical disconnect
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Primary and secondary circuit breaker protection
  • RJ-45 connection between heater and remote panel
  • Automatic heat on demand- No summer / winter switch

M2 Air Makeup Unit | Vertical Tandem Units

Vertical Tandem – M2 Air Makeup Unit

Spray Tech / Junair specializes in the manufacturing of air makeup unit systems for customized applications. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the most advanced equipment to fulfill your equipment requirements.

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