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Industrial Manufacturing is at its very best | The vertical rising doors custom project was another hallmark in our project history. It was a challenging project due to its tremendous size and structure. Spray Tech / Junair accepted this special project very enthusiastically. This project was also unique because it needed a completely clear floor threshold to move heavy assemblies in and out of the booth using forklifts. Since the doors needed to move on 2-AXIS, an electro-mechanical system was required in order to ensure years of maintenance free service.

The Vertical Rising Doors Custom Project

Industrial Manufacturing is at its best

  Masterful Custom Industrial Manufacturing 

At the same time, it offered a 100% positive seal for the special testing that was done inside the booth using a one piece pneumatic (inflatable) door seal. The door was counter-balanced with a triple redundant cable and weight system that controlled the swift movement while in operation. The idea of using a pneumatic system to operate metallic doors proved to be a perfect solution for this project.

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