Finishing Equipment – Is An Upgrade Necessary?

Finishing Equipment - Is Up gradation Necessary?Finishing equipment for body shops and industrial houses, such as paint spray booths, bake ovens, coating equipment, wheel refinishing and all other refinishing equipment require an upgrade after a certain period of time. Advancement in spray booth equipment is necessary not only because it is getting old but also because you might be losing a huge chunk of dollars with your old equipment. There are many questions a body shop owner or a finishing facility manager should ask himself in order to create an efficient working environment. we have listed a few below:

Finishing Equipment Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Is your bake cycle time better than your competition?
  • Are you utilizing your maximum production capacity?
  • Are you aware of the latest cost-saving technologies in the finishing equipment industry?
  • Do you know exactly when your automotive paint booths are going to reach their financial break-even?
  • What was the ROI (return on investment) on your previous finishing equipment purchase?
  • Does the current equipment consume too much energy?
  • Does your paint curing quality meet up with the current customer finishing trends and standards?
  • Do you know the value of a higher CSI (customer satisfaction index) and how it affects a body shop’s/dealership’s sales revenues?
  • Does your body shop have both DRP and high-end OEM certifications? Previously one was enough but the competition these days demands you have both.

Finishing Equipment - Is Up gradation Necessary?

Production cycle time plays a crucial role in a body shop’s success. Every second counts. Every minute is an earning opportunity for the shop owner. The owners should never focus their energies on just surviving. They should plan to make the most from their painting facility. A year from now they will wish they had started today. Upgrading equipment at the right time can make a great difference in their annual financials. We would recommend the body shop owners look into our automotive paint booth collections for a better idea on how they can improve their painting processes. Our collections  focus on energy efficiency, increased productivity, and decreasing bake cycle times.

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