Automotive Paint Booth Categories

Automotive Paint Booth Categories

There are 4 primary categories of automotive paint booths that customers can select from our automotive booth collection. Full Down Draft, Semi Down Draft, Side Draft and Cross Draft booths. The differences in their basic operations are listed below:

  • Down Draft: A downdraft booth produces a draft pattern that runs straight down from the ceiling to the floor and is the most efficient and clean option.
  • Semi Down DraftThe semi-downdraft booth creates a diagonal draft pattern that moves over-spray away from the vehicle being painted.
  • Side DraftA side draft booth functions by bringing in filtered air through the ceiling and exhausting it through the sidewalls of the workspace.
  • Cross Draft: The cross draft paint booth allows the air to flow directly across the vehicle that is being painted.

Automotive Paint Booth Categories

Spray Tech / Junair Manufactures Booths For Everyone!

If you desire a more advanced and functional paint booth, we suggest you our Junair and Thermaire series, which are available in multiple airflow configurations. Upgrading to use Makeup air units and air movement systems like QAD’s ( Quick Air Drying System) are extremely energy efficient and cost effective over the long run for any body shop.

Talk to us today about your body shop business and let our experts help you with top notch ideas and methods on how to run your shop cost effectively.

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