American Paint Booth | Spray Tech / Junair Leads

The American paint booth industry is comprised of numerous manufacturers and Spray Tech / Junair modestly stands firm in the top tier category. We have a distribution network throughout North America. Our 25 years of spray booth excellence makes us feel grateful to our valued customers, who have been providing us with positive feedback about our products. Although Spray Tech / Junair is an American paint booth manufacturer, many of our customers are in Canada and Mexico as well.

JUNAIR – Most Promising American Paint Booth Series

American Paint Booth | Spray Tech / Junair Leads

Being American makes us what we are, a manufacturing facility where craftsmanship meets technology.  

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of paint booth models. Each model is equipped with distinct features and qualities that differ from the other manufacturers. We serve multiple industries including automotive, aerospace, truck, and industrial manufacturing. We have also produced numerous custom projects in the automotive refinishing and industrial finishing categories.

American Paint Booth | Spray Tech / Junair Leads

Spray Tech / Junair – The American Paint Booth Specialists

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