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Automotive Paint Booths are in demand due to the many benefits they have to offer when it comes to giving a superior paint job. There are many varieties of paint booths available in the market. Spray Tech / Junair offers the following categories:

  • Junair Series Paint Booths
  • Thermaire Series Paint Booths
    • Thermaire Premier Booths
    • Thermaire Full Downdraft Booths
    • Thermaire Side Downdraft Booths
    • Thermaire Semi Downdraft Booth
    • Thermaire Close Top Open Face Booths
  • Power Series Paint Booths
    • Power Full Downdraft Booths
    • Power Side Downdraft Booths
    • Power Semi Downdraft Booths (Double Wall)
    • Power Semi Downdraft Booths (Single Wall)
    • Power Reverse Flow booths
  • Economy Series Booths

Junair Series Automotive Paint Booth

automotive paint booths

Spray Tech / Junair Automotive Paint Booths | Where Craftmanship Meets Class & Technology

Automotive Paint Booths are in demand due to the many benefits they have to offer when it comes to giving a superior paint job.

Manufacturers and body shops have relied on the technology of automotive paint booths for a long time as it is the most efficient way to paint a car. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to using a spray booth. Here are some good reasons to be using a spray booth:

  • Process More Jobs – Generate More Business – Advance paint booths containing QADs system can help reduce the booth cycle time by 35%. The quick drying system helps you complete more jobs in less time.
  • Clean Environment – Debris and settling dust can ruin a great paint job in a matter of seconds. A spray booth is designed with powerful filters to protect anything from settling onto a car. So painters can work in an environment that is free from any contaminants that can cause complications.
  • Control of Hazardous Material – A booth is the easiest and most effective ways of protecting your employees and work environment. In a booth, all the ‘spray’ is contained within so you do not have to worry about fumes or other factors affecting the safety and health of your employees or the environment outside of the booth.

  • Protection Against Explosives – When working with chemicals of any kind there is the possibility that fire and explosive hazards will be present in your workspace. Spray booths are designed to stop overspray, which reduces the result of a fire or explosion from occurring. A properly engineered booth enables you to control the VOC and air mixture which means the risk of combustion is also eliminated.

Automotive Paint Booths are in demand due to the many benefits they have to offer when it comes to giving a superior paint job.

The Junair 5 series spray booths are most advanced and highly productive units. All features of these paint booths have been artistically engineered and are second to none. Junair series automotive paint booths deliver the highest quality paint finish at the lowest cost per unit.

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  1. Alex Trodder says:

    Employee health is an important factor for many businesses these days. Having a paint booth and the proper PPE can help ensure that employees don’t breathe fumes or paint particulates while spraying. It also helps to control the painting environment so that you get a consistent coat while working on larger projects like trucks or boats. Having a proper pain job can help protect tools and equipment. This goes for trucks and cars as well.

  2. Ali Jaffar Zia says:

    Very Important point Alex. Thank You for your input. We appreciate :)

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