Helping Julian Marin Pursue the Right Career Path.

A 13 years old student, Julian, decided to visit our manufacturing facility on Thursday 12/10/2015. Julian’s young mind and enthusiastic ideas in pursuing the right career path brought him to the doors of Spray Tech / Junair. The management appreciated his request and interest in our company and welcomed him for a one day tour.

Social responsibility

Julian visits different sections of the plant and office area.

As you can also see Julian visited many departments inside the company. Staff members explained to Julian what their major job responsibilities were and  how they are able to flawlessly run and manage a huge facility like Spray Tech / Junair. From the assembly line to engineering design and from precision stamping to molding, Julian was able to experience the actual functionalities of almost all the technical processes being performed inside the plant. He showed special interest in the marketing and sales operations as well. We thank the staff who took part in fulfilling this social responsibility and wish Julian best of luck for his successful future.


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