Industrial Lighting Products | Extremely Energy Efficient

 Our Industrial Lighting Products are extremely energy efficient. We have a complete collection of industrial lighting applications including the popular Mercury Fluorescent Lighting. Spray Tech / Junair produces world class quality in all lighting categories.

Industrial Lighting Products | Extremely Energy Efficient

The Mercury Fluorescent Class 1, Division 2, Group A, B, C and D are your answer to many hazardous and wet applications. They are suitable for mounting in areas that have deposits of readily combustible paint residues. They can be ceiling and wall mounted, and can also be mounted on an angle between the ceiling and the wall. these lights are totally enclosed to prevent the escape of sparks and have the strength and rigidity to resist abuse and abrasive environments.

Spray Tech / Junair Industrial Lighting Products

Industrial Lighting Products | Extremely Energy Efficient

Our lightings are designed for locations where a rugged, sealed, light fixture is necessary. They are perfectly suited to industrial spraying locations.  Some of the notable features of our Industrial lighting Products are as follows:

  • Rugged all-steel outer construction
  • tempered glass lens
  • Powder coated finish with silicone seals
  • Mirrored reflector for maximum light projection efficiency
  • threaded electrical conduit connections at each end
  • Proof of cover closure switch is standard
  • Suitable for locations up to 120.2 F (49 C) with maximum operating temperature of 212 F (100 C)

Spray Tech / Junair’s industrial lighting products create a beautiful environment at your body shops, warehouses, Residence, Commercial Buildings & Industrial Facilities.

Industrial Lighting Products | Extremely Energy Efficient

Spray Tech / Junair understands that lighting an industrial environment is a challenging task. Since so many detailed operations are running inside an industrial facility, it is important to consider that each task receives its required amount of light, as well as its quality, should not be affected along the way. Our Industrial Lighting Products provide you a strong visual comfort for all your operations. Our wide range of industrial lighting products collection helps you create a beautiful environment in your body shop, warehouse, office, residence, commercial buildings or any other industrial facility. Our lighting products will last you for a long period of time.



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