Advanced Collision Repair | Long Lasting Booths

Advanced Collision Repair is a quality collision and mechanical repair facility located on the Oregon Coast. The owner Mr. Jerry Richardson is an automotive refinishing veteran who has decades of body shop experience. Advanced Collision Repair installed a Spray Tech / Junair’s down draft automotive paint booth and a Prep Deck a year ago.

Advanced Collision Repair | Long Lasting Booths  Advanced Collision Repair | Downdraft Paint booth

A downdraft spray booth is designed to be an industry workhorse that will provide years of worry-free production at an affordable price. This US manufactured booth comes standard with features that will provide extraordinary productivity, including aggressive air flow, auto balancing, high output color corrected light fixtures, energy saving variable frequency drive, and heat recirculation technologies.

Advanced Collision Repair

Advanced Collision Repair | Automotive Prep Station 

We recently spoke with Mr. Richardson and are pleased to hear that he remains satisfied with the booth performance and quality. He mentioned that everyone who sees the booth admires it. We greatly appreciate his kind words and loyalty towards Spray Tech / Junair paint booths.


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  1. Jan Pentecost says:

    His name is Jerry Richardson……not Richerdson.

  2. Ali Jaffar Zia says:

    Noted. Changed it just now. :) Thank you

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